About Kay


Kay has been an Osteopath for over 11 years, and qualified in 2005 from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is also qualified in modern acupuncture/ dry needling, which is used for some musculo skeletal problems. Kay may use cranial osteopathy in some treatments, especially when treating infants and babies.


Kay is also a qualified Pilates instructor. After a thorough assessment, looking at your posture, flexibility and spinal range of motion, Kay may prescribe specific Pilates exercises. These will help to strengthen and mobilise according to your individual body needs.

Classes are either on a one to one basis or small groups of 3-4. This is to allow Kay to observe and correct technique throughout the whole session, reducing the risk of inaccurate and potentially injurious performance, which so many patients have reported in large group exercise classes.