Osteopathy is a branch of medicine based on the simple concept that if the structure of the body is in trouble the body itself cannot function properly.
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Clinical Pilates

Through numerous studies it has been found that body movements are generated from the ‘core’ – a combination of deep spinal muscles attaching to the spine and abdominal wall creating a ‘muscular corsette’.
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Welcome to Kosteo

Osteopathy can provide a more permanent relief of pain associated with aging. Painkillers are not the only solution! Osteopathy can help to eliminate the underlying causes of pain.

Kay Allardyce is both a qualified osteopath and pilates instructor working in Kent and Surrey. She treats many patients with back and neck pain, along with other musculo-skeletal problems.

With the use of treatment and exercise, Kay helps her patients make a speedy recovery with advice on prevention of reoccurring problems.

Available At:

Surrey Physio
2 Coleridge Avenue
Monday 2pm-9pm
Bookings please call: 07803 010240
Croydon Physio
1 Upper Selsdon Rd
South Croydon
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Bookings please call: 0208 651 3315